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“I was tired of my little one always on her iPad, so I got this and my little one just can't get enough of these BounceBlocks! They stack, they balance, they spark joy in her playtime!” - Jessie, Verified Buyer

PlayScape Blocks

PlayScape Blocks

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▪ doctor approved safe, non-slip design

▪ boosts balance, coordination, and creativity

▪ stacks up neatly for easy cleaning


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Boost your child's intelligence, keep them away from the iPads

Jumpstart creativity and elevate your child's play with PlayScape Blocks! These eco-friendly, sturdy blocks are the perfect pals for active fun, ready to play with anywhere - from your room to the yard

The possibilities are endless! They're not just for building towers; they're for jumping from one to the next like stepping stones, making up your own games, promoting balance, building, and imagination. It's a robust all-in-one solution to play, development, and neat storage.

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A secret workout for your child's brain and muscles

Crafted to foster balance, coordination, and imagination, the endless possibilities nurtures the young mind and body, preparing them for a bright future.

Build a castle, create an obstacle course, or just chill out on them—they're all about making playtime awesome.

The perfect solution to iPad usage

The burst of six vivid colors captures attention, stimulating your child's sensory and creative play, keeping them away from the phones and tablets. They’ll be having so much fun, they won't even notice they’re getting better at balancing and coming up with cool new games.

These blocks are not just another toy; they're your ticket to an everyday adventure, helping your child learn and grow without it feeling like work. They're bright, they're fun, and they're the new must-have for any day, rain or shine.

Doctor approved, for durable play & easy cleaning

The ultimate playtime sidekick, ready for any adventure your imagination can cook up. They're mega tough, so everyone in the family, even the grown-ups, can join in, enduring through every jump, stack, and giggle.

Plus, they're super easy to stack and store away when you're done, leaving no mess behind.

we surveyed our parents and...

98% reported that their child was enthusiastic and happy to play with PlayScape Blocks

97% reported that their child seemed more creative and talkative

94% reported reduced iPad usage among their child

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stepping stones slip-resistant?

Yes, our stepping stones have a textured surface to increase grip, though we recommend using them on grass or outdoor play areas for maximum stability.

Can these stones withstand various weather conditions for outdoor play?

Absolutely! Our stones are made with durable EPP material, ideal for withstanding different weather conditions for long-lasting outdoor fun.

How can these stepping stones aid in my child's development?

These versatile stones are designed to enhance motor skills, imagination, and cognitive abilities through play, aligning with developmental milestones for your growing child.

First-Class Customer Support

if for some reason you aren't 100% satisfied with your order, we'll go above and beyond to make it right. Each order includes a 30-day money back guarantee